• Gaelforce Cycle West 24 Hour Road Challenge 19th 20th September

    Competing in the Golden Oldies section of this challenge four members of – Team Stormthoughts 206. Each lap will be just over 30 miles long all team members training hard to withstand the rigours of the challenge. Teams must continue lapping for 24 hours in relay fashion!!! More details later. My bike is a La […]

  • The Bangor Trail

    Finally got back to walking the Bangor Trail again, after some years away from it. Sinead Tommy and I walked 25k from Bangor to the Bothy in Shramore. We hiked it last  Saturday 22nd August. I GPS’d the trip we had a moving average of 4k  and an overall average of 3k. It is still […]

  • Literary tour of Ireland with Sierra Club

    This was a great journey of discovery. From June 15th till June 25th we travelled Ireland in search of her best writers. Commencing with James Joyce: On Blooms Day we relived the journey of Leopold Bloom and other Dubliners, “by swerve of shore and bend of bay”, through the heart of the Hibernian Metropolis. We […]

  • Getting used to Flickr

    I have just acquired a Flickr account to use for the many pictures that will not fit on this blog. Here it is.

  • US 50 The loneliest Road in America

    It took more than one day to drive US 50. It was worth it.  We saw all sorts of terrain from mountain to desert to dried river beds, salt flats, old Indian sites with Petroglyphs. Deserted mining towns, Pony express stations, distant cattle ranges, and evrywhere the absence of people, except in a few small […]

  • Old machinery just about everywhere

    There were lots of times when we got to see old farm machinery just sitting there in the desert sun, rusty, but looking good. This picture was taken at the town of Blanding, Utah.  We were on our way to Natural Bridges National Park.

  • American trip April May 2009

    This was a great journey taking in the states of California Nevada Utah Colorado New Mexico and Arizona. Almost four weeks of travel and adventure. From Sutters Mill to Mesa Verde from Zion Canyon to Valley of the Gods and the Colorado river we journeyed. We Hiked, Mountain Biked, visited rare archaeological sites, drifted down […]

  • Spiritual Renewal at the Old Thorn Tree

    As I stood there at the old thorn tree I reconfirmed to myself the spiritual value of the open mountain, the running stream, the heather clad hillside. I thought about all those  with whom  I had hiked,  down the years,  in rain and wind, snow and sun. This is a sacred trust. So let us […]