American trip April May 2009

This was a great journey taking in the states of California Nevada Utah Colorado New Mexico and Arizona. Almost four weeks of travel and adventure. From Sutters Mill to Mesa Verde from Zion Canyon to Valley of the Gods and the Colorado river we journeyed. We Hiked, Mountain Biked, visited rare archaeological sites, drifted down the Colorado river. Took lots of pictures and bought lots of books. I will add some pictures as soon as possible.


About the Author:

Joe is an author, poet, historian, and guided walks consultant. He lives in Newport, Co. Mayo. Scriptwriter and presenter of “Old Port to Newport”, Joe McDermott is the author of a number of fiction and non-fiction books including Sheegorey (historical fiction), the History of St. Mary’s Hospital, Castlebar, as well as hiking guide books such as The Western Way, The Bangor Trail, and The Foxford Way.