February 2009

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  • My Biking story

    “The bicycles go by in twos and threes”  Patrick Kavanagh

    I don’t remember my very first bike. That is, I don’t remember when I was given it, any way I was only four years old at that time. It was a three wheeler, it had a compartment on the back that opened and could be used to carry things, I never remember carrying anything in it. Fortunately I have a picture of myself on board, taken in 1952, in Bikes were everything those days, all my relations cycled, not for summer time. I do remember many happy spins on that bike, you see we lived on a lane way in the depths of rural north county Dublin, Ballymadrough, Donabate, to be precise.

  • Island People: a poem for our times

    Island People January 2007 High upon the side of the globe We cling tenaciously The North Atlantic has sent its fingers To probe our innards Leaving great serrations But failing to dislodge us Over time we have hunted and gathered Gathered and hunted Building stone walls on other occasions Before we hid them in our […]

  • Interview with a Unitarian Church magazine.

    What brought you to Unitarianism?

    I think I always was a Unitarian.  My parents were traditional Catholics who espoused education, wherever it would lead.  There was always lively debate in our house, I was the oldest and I suppose I led the way in radical thought.  I then drifted along for years living I by my own ‘light’ Then, many years ago I met some American Unitarians and they identified me as Unitarian. I eventually set out to find Irish Unitarians and here I am. Other people such as my Northern Presbyterian friends, [from adult local history courses I taught in Derry], they were an influence as well.

    What was your first impression of the Dublin Unitarian Church?

    I felt I belonged here.

    What is your idea of the perfect sermon or address?

    One that holds my attention whatever the topic. Remember I came from a tradition that did not espouse preaching as the centrepiece of the service.

    Do you have a word for what is ultimate?

  • 20th February Mountain Bike Trip from Bellacorrick to Ballycastle

    Nine hardy souls set of from Bellacorrick to do the 18 miles to Ballycastle, the route followed the Western Way, a hiking trail through the most remote part of North Mayo. The route could be used as a cycling way for those who use Mountain Bikes and like an endurance challenge without the technical difficulties […]