February 2009

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  • Unitarianism

    Many years ago I was hiking with some American friends from the Sierra Club, we were discussing Ireland in the context of it’s religious dispositions. After a while I stopped talking about the Irish and their religious perspectives and asked what of my American friends. We went around the group and various people explained their […]

  • Poetry

    One of my favourite poems is, ” The Four Quartets” by TS Eliot “In my beginning is my end, in succession houses rise and fall, crumble, are extended are removed, destroyed restored, or in their place is an open field or a factory or a bypass. Old stone to new Building,…..” East  Coker. One of […]

  • Philosophy

    I am currently engaged with a project to create a 35 mile hiking trail in county Mayo. It will start in Balla a small town in mid Mayo and finish at Murrisk at the foot of the Reek, or Croagh Patrick, as the holy mountain is known outside of Mayo. It will be called the […]