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  • Christmas Greetings: 2010 the McDermott year

    So our country is in a mess, because bankers got greedy, aided and abetted by incompetent politicians. Building speculators created land values that were simply obscene, and we the tax payers will foot the bill. In the words of comrade Lenin, “we need a few [show] trials” but will we get even one person in […]

  • Pilgrimage …………in search of Reason or Unreason

    I listened to one of our congregation give a Sunday address on the subject of pilgrimage a few weeks ago. In it she referred to members of the congregation who had recently “bucked the trend” and embarked on personal pilgrimages, I was one of those people, together with Sinead and Pauline. We made a journey […]

  • So long Paddy Colgan

    I was in Crete when Paddy finally succumbed to his illness. I have known this man for almost twenty years now. We had great times together, as we hiked the hills and trails of Ireland. Paddy hailed from Birr in Offaly but spent most of his life in California and as an activist in the […]

  • Spiritual Renewal at the Old Thorn Tree

    As I stood there at the old thorn tree I reconfirmed to myself the spiritual value of the open mountain, the running stream, the heather clad hillside. I thought about all those  with whom  I had hiked,  down the years,  in rain and wind, snow and sun. This is a sacred trust. So let us […]

  • Interview with a Unitarian Church magazine.

    What brought you to Unitarianism?

    I think I always was a Unitarian.  My parents were traditional Catholics who espoused education, wherever it would lead.  There was always lively debate in our house, I was the oldest and I suppose I led the way in radical thought.  I then drifted along for years living I by my own ‘light’ Then, many years ago I met some American Unitarians and they identified me as Unitarian. I eventually set out to find Irish Unitarians and here I am. Other people such as my Northern Presbyterian friends, [from adult local history courses I taught in Derry], they were an influence as well.

    What was your first impression of the Dublin Unitarian Church?

    I felt I belonged here.

    What is your idea of the perfect sermon or address?

    One that holds my attention whatever the topic. Remember I came from a tradition that did not espouse preaching as the centrepiece of the service.

    Do you have a word for what is ultimate?

  • Unitarianism

    Many years ago I was hiking with some American friends from the Sierra Club, we were discussing Ireland in the context of it’s religious dispositions. After a while I stopped talking about the Irish and their religious perspectives and asked what of my American friends. We went around the group and various people explained their […]

  • Philosophy

    I am currently engaged with a project to create a 35 mile hiking trail in county Mayo. It will start in Balla a small town in mid Mayo and finish at Murrisk at the foot of the Reek, or Croagh Patrick, as the holy mountain is known outside of Mayo. It will be called the […]