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  • A gathering to celebrate

    I just got this message from my sister Mary and extend it to all my friends and acquaintances. Joe McDermott We are hosting a get together in Howth Yacht Club on Saturday 4th October 2014 to celebrate the publications of Pauline and Joe McDermott. These will include Joe’s novel Sheegorey and Pauline’s forthcoming Queen Maeve […]

  • Sheegorey…… comment

    I just received this comment on Sheegorey message page. Without crediting it here it is: Just finished reading your book, Joe. Great story, really enjoyed it! I live in Sheegora, overlooking all of those locations mentioned. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place to live and it felt great to read your descriptions both past and present! […]

  • Sheegorey

    I just received the following comment from a friend in Alaska.   “Fantastic book. Finished it a couple days ago. I love it. The mix of history and the detective work/mystery in 2012 was great. It kept me reading and reading to see what happened. It also shows how history creates pathways you wouldn’t expect. […]

  • Extract from “Sheegorey”

    I have been asked by a few people for a flavour of the novel. This is difficult without spoiling the plot for some. So here goes with a short piece from early on in the story. Those who have read the novel will know that even within this short piece that there are interesting possibilities […]

  • Sheegorey (Faery Hill of Guaire) now available online


    Sheegorey (Faery Hill of Guaire) is a historical novel, a captivating quest for long lost manuscripts brought to America by one of the MacDermot clan in early 17th century. “Set around the Boyle Roscommon area, the book is a real page-turner and blends historical accuracy with extremely well-crafted fiction. A great read that will be […]