Sheegorey…… comment

I just received this comment on Sheegorey message page. Without crediting it here it is:
Just finished reading your book, Joe. Great story, really enjoyed it! I live in Sheegora, overlooking all of those locations mentioned. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place to live and it felt great to read your descriptions both past and present! Brought the places to life and I will look on them now in a different light. A lovely story, well told! I would have no problem recommending it (and you don’t have to be from Sheegora to enjoy it!) Congrats and the best of luck with it! Just wondering… Is there a standing stone?!!


About the Author:

Joe is an author, poet, historian, and guided walks consultant. He lives in Newport, Co. Mayo. Scriptwriter and presenter of “Old Port to Newport”, Joe McDermott is the author of a number of fiction and non-fiction books including Sheegorey (historical fiction), the History of St. Mary’s Hospital, Castlebar, as well as hiking guide books such as The Western Way, The Bangor Trail, and The Foxford Way.